Welcome to By Lamplight! I’m Katy; artist, designer, high school teacher, and mum to an energetic toddler.

I design and lovingly craft my handmade creations from my home studio in Melbourne, alongside my super supportive husband, my mischievous son (who loves to get into my box of art supplies!), and our cat, Broccoli.

Most of my work is done by lamplight – in the evenings after my toddler has finally gone to sleep for the night. It’s at these times that I get to slow down and experience the beauty around me. In a world where I often find I’m pushing to ‘get the job done’, my work gives me space to notice the details, to learn, and to meet with God and allow him to speak to me in a way that the busy modern world tends to squeeze out.

I created By Lamplight to share this quiet space with you, to help you create a rejuvenating place in your home or office where you can take deep breaths and experience beauty. If you’re looking to add a piece to your hallway to make you smile, find a personal gift for a friend, or create a refreshing corner in your office where you can find some peace, By Lamplight is for you.

Contact us at bylamplight1@gmail.com

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